Grief Counseling

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Grief Counseling

Do you suffer from grief that doesn’t seem to resolve? Or do you find yourself not knowing how to navigate through your pain? Compassionate mental health expert Jeffrey Morris, PsyD, at Morris Therapy Services, PLLC in Tampa, Florida, has the expertise and experience to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the practice today to book an appointment. Call or use the online scheduling tool now.

What are the different stages of grief?

Grief is a deeply personal and complex emotional response to loss. While there isn’t any specific timing on how grief plays out in progression, the widely recognized model by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross outlines five common stages, including:


In the initial stage, you may struggle to accept the reality of the loss. Denial acts as a protective mechanism, temporarily shielding you from the overwhelming emotions associated with grief.


As reality sets in, anger often emerges. You may feel anger toward yourself, others, or even the deceased for leaving you. This anger can be directed inward or outward.


In this stage, you may make deals or bargains with a higher power, seeking to reverse or mitigate the loss. It's an attempt to regain control in a situation where you can’t seem to.


As the full weight of the loss becomes apparent, a deep sense of sadness and despair can set in. It can lead to feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and withdrawal.


Over time, you may reach a point of acceptance. This doesn't mean you’re "okay" with the loss, but rather that you’ve found a way to integrate it into your life and move forward.

What is grief counseling?

Grief counseling is a form of mental health support aimed at helping you cope with the emotional pain and challenges associated with loss. Dr. Morris is a highly trained and experienced professional who provides guidance, support, and a safe space if you’re experiencing grief. He helps you express your feelings and navigate your unique grieving process.

When should someone seek grief counseling?

You should seek grief counseling if your grief:

  • Becomes overwhelming, persistent, or significantly disrupts your daily life
  • Becomes complicated or prolonged
  • Makes you feel isolated
  • Makes you feel like you don’t have a support system
  • Becomes too difficult to manage
  • Controls your emotions

Experiencing multiple losses in a short period or having a history of unresolved grief are causes for seeking counseling, as well.

Dr. Morris can provide guidance and coping strategies to navigate these challenges effectively. 

What techniques are used in grief counseling?

Grief counseling employs various techniques to help you process your grief, including:

  • Talk therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Supportive counseling
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Group therapy

If you’re suffering from grief, reach out to Morris Therapy Services, PLLC by phone or online now.